WordPress 3.0 Upgrade Complete

I was able to perform a WordPress 3.0 upgrade yesterday. It went without a hitch. Making a single blog into a multi-site blog was a bit more involved. It wasn’t entirely a smooth transition because WordPress somehow detected that I already had a network running, which was simply not true. I ended up cutting and pasting several pieces of code to configure wp-config.php and .htaccess. In the end, the upgrade was a success.

Just a couple of minor things that I want to mention. The current version of of the Google Sitemaps plugin no longer works with WordPress 3.0. I’m not sure why. I also ended up removing the ‘blog’ slug from the permalink, so that it didn’t break my old permalinks. I also had to reconfigure the plugin called ‘Download Manager’ because it didn’t work after the upgrade.

This is probably the most involved WordPress upgrade I have done. It’s was involved because there were a large amount of features and enhancements in this version as well as merging WordPress and WordPress Mu. Congratulations to the WordPress Development team for making this release a huge success.

4 thoughts on “WordPress 3.0 Upgrade Complete

  1. Hello
    I was tested it today on site thecamels.org when had writing posts. New WP is faster, but I had seeing, that when you write a huge blocks of text it has laggs 😛

    1. Yes, the theme works with 3.0. I have it running on my development site. There is one thing I haven’t tested, it’s the new ‘Menu System’ feature of WordPress 3.0.

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