How DRM Cripples Your Enjoyment

I’m sure you heard by now of hundreds of people who bought the movie Avatar on Blu-Ray, but only to find out later when they got home, that they could not watch the movie from their Blu-Ray players because of DRM issues.

Mind you, this is a movie they bought and own, but they couldn’t watch it. The culprit are Blu-Ray players that need firmware upgrades. At first, it was thought to be just Samsung players.

Then, others complained it doesn’t work on other players, LG, Denon and many more. Some have bought the latest Blu-Ray players and upgraded them with the latest firmware only to find out it doesn’t work either.

DRM copyright protection is suppose to stop piracy, but it doesn’t really. Piracy is still rampant. One thing DRM does is cripple the enjoyment of those who have a legal copy, a movie they bought and own.