Library of Congress to Archive Twitter Posts

Do you ever feel like Big Brother is watching you? Should you worry? If you use Twitter, the Library of Congress will now acquire the full history of all your tweets as far back as March 2006. What will they do with your tweets since they are already publicly available? No one knows knows for sure exactly. From Yahoo News.

Observers are asking what the Library and its users might do with the information, which is already publicly accessible but has never been properly collected into a single, usable database (particularly one with an academic bent).

The creation of a Twitter archive is really good news — not just for those in the future who need to look up what party P. Diddy was attending on Feb. 23 but also for academics doing serious research about how news is broken, how quickly information spreads during major world events, and how public sentiment on various topics changes over time.

Some big questions remain. ReadWriteWeb asks whether the Library of Congress will offer an advanced search engine for finer-grained insight into Twitter’s archives than current Twitter search utilities offer. But whether or not you and I have in-depth access to the Twitterbase, it’s academic research that will probably benefit most from this archive.

As the Library of Congress’ blogger says, “I’m no Ph.D., but it boggles my mind to think what we might be able to learn about ourselves and the world around us from this wealth of data. And I’m certain we’ll learn things that none of us now can even possibly conceive.”

I don’t know exactly why the government wants to re-double the efforts of Twitter. Now, it wants to store everyone tweets on government servers. What a waste of taxpayers money! All for the sake of academic research! What will the government exactly learn exactly from storing this kind of data? Does it intend to keep a record of every individual who tweets including non-US citizens? I am wary. Should I worry?

WordPress Blogs Hacked Via Config File

A number of WordPress blogs hosted at Network Solutions were hacked according to ZDNet. A malicious hacker was able to create a script that scanned for WordPress config files which contain MySQL database credentials in plain text.

WordPress config files should only be read by Apache only with permissions of 750. Most users have their permissions set to 755. WordPress users should set their permissions to 750 to avoid from being hacked.

Another way of protecting WordPress config files is to use .htaccess. Add the following code to your .htaccess file.

# protect wpconfig.php
<files wp-config.php>
order allow,deny
deny from all

Get A Reliable Hosting For Free

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Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G

I have been shopping around for a prime lens for my Nikkon D90. I was looking at the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G. It’s super fast and it works great in low light. It’s a great walk around lens as well. In addition, it also takes great portraits and landscapes. You can find a find several reviews of the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G at

Testfreaks is a great site if you are doing comparison shopping. They collect product information and reviews from several thousand sources. You can practically find any electronic product you want at testfreak.

So, I’ve been reading hundreds of product and user reviews of the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G. Testfreak rates it at 9.4. The cheapest price is $429 at Amazons. Maybe one day, I’ll make the bold move to purchase this piece of glass. At the moment, I’m still using my 18-200mm VR lens, but I can’t wait to work with a 1.4 50mm prime lens.

In the meantime, it’s cold and rainy in Northern California. What happened to Spring?

Ubuntu Reverts to Google Search

It was announced in January that Ubuntu will be switching to Yahoo Search as the default search engine in its Mozilla Firefox browser. It didn’t take long for Ubuntu to reconsider. Just a little over two months later, Google is back as the default Search engine. So, why the switch back? According to the H:

That deal appears to be off with Rick Spencer, Engineering Manager for the Ubuntu Desktop Team announcing last night that Ubuntu 10.04 LTS would switch back to Google as default search after considering factors such as “user experience, user preferences, and costs and benefits for Ubuntu and the browsers and other projects that make up Ubuntu”.

Specific reasons for the change back were not given, but Spencer added “It was not our intention to ‘flap’ between providers, but the underlying circumstances can change unpredictably”. The change in development versions of Ubuntu 10.04 will be reverted “as soon as reasonably possible”; the final freeze of the code for 10.04 happens on April 15th.

It’s hard to play second fiddle. Most people prefer Google Search over Yahoo Search anyway.

Ubuntu Claims 12 Million Users

Ubuntu is now claiming 12 million users. Awesome! I use to be an Ubuntu user, but not at the moment. I parted ways with Ubuntu because I found a better alternative. I now use Linux Mint because of one reason, everything works out of the gate. No playing around with configuration, no adding of proprietary software, no more searching forums to make things work. Everything just works from the gitgo.

But, I have to say kudos to Ubuntu for the job well done. 12 million user base is a great accomplishment. But, I think Ubuntu can do better. If Ubuntu offers a distro where everything works out of the gate, and I mean everything, then the masses can latch on to it and never go back to their Windows ways. This is to me what’s missing with Ubuntu.

To Linux purists, proprietary software is a no-no, but to the average Joe, a system that simply works is the ideal.

PS3 No Longer Supports Linux

When the PS3 first came out, a few people were buying it because it was a cheaper alternative to buying a BluRay player. But, those days are over. The price of BluRay players have come down considerably. Others were buying the PS3 because they could run an alternative OS like Linux.

Starting April 1, the latest firmware update from Sony will disable the PS3 from booting an alternative OS. The PS3 will no longer support Linux. A bummer. It’s a sad day for Linux and even sadder day for Sony. Does Sony really think people will buy the PS3 solely because they just want the PS3?

If you start removing the reasons why people should buy your product, then you are taking away potential revenue. It’s not like the PS3 has a monopoly in this industry. It has plenty of competition from the Xbox and Wii.

The official reason why Sony did it. Security concerns.

But, that’s not the least of their problems.

Consumers are reporting that the update has led to a variety of bugs, including slowed internet connections, controller compatibility issues, and resolution issues when using HDMI. And that’s if the update installs at all, as there have been reports that the download cycle hits an endless loop and never fully completes.

Opting to not download the update bars the user from accessing the Playstation Store, playing games online or playing any games or Blu-ray movies that require the 3.21 update to function.

Only a sliver of the open-source community used the PS3 to run Linux or Ubuntu, but Sony’s decision to cut them out is still a disappointing one, especially considering that it affects users who didn’t even install another OS.

Well, sometimes fixing an one issue leads to a whole slew of other issues. You open up Pandora’s box. Users end up with some brick consoles that could only be fixed via RMA.

Use Cheaper Fonts

Aren’t fonts free on your computer? Yes, they are. So, what did you mean exactly by using cheaper fonts? performed several print tests to determine which fonts are cheaper to print than others. Personally, I didn’t think it would matter that much, but apparently using certain fonts can save you as much as 30%.

Case in point, a 10-point Century Gothic font is 31 percent cheaper than using the default 11-point Arial font. Who would have thought it would be Century Gothic. From ZDNet.

On a dollar basis, the company projected that the average person printing around 25 pages a week would save $20 a year by using Century Gothic for all documents. A business or heavy-duty user printing 250 pages per week would save around $80 for the year. And large companies with multiple printers could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year.

It doesn’t look significant at first, but if your company prints in large volume, then the savings can be considerable. Who knew Century Gothic was a money saver.

Firefox Nears 25 Percent of the Market

From Linux Journal:

Firefox, which has been growing steadily over the past several years, gained more than a quarter of a percentage point in March — a figure that may seem small, but considering the billion-plus users of the internet, represents millions of additional users. That increase brings Firefox’s share to 24.52%, within a mere half a percent of controlling one-fourth of the global browser market.

Since April 2008 (the earliest statistics available from Net Applications), Internet Explorer has lost nearly 20% of the market, dropping from over three-quarters in 2008 to well under two-thirds today.