Ubuntu Going from Brown to Gray

There are rumors and rumblings that Ubuntu might be going from brown to gray. I certainly would welcome the change. I think, you can only be brown for so long. I think it’s time for Ubuntu to get a face lift, a much needed one. Maybe some Botox shots.

What could be better for the most popular Linux distro in the world to get a new color scheme. Gray is a good start. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t so very keen on the brown color to begin with. After years of color deprivation, I finally switched to a non-earthy color, like green.

Currently, I’m using Linux Mint, a derivative of Ubuntu. If Ubuntu switches to gray, I think it will attract more people to use Ubuntu. By the way, my theme just went from black/white/red to black/white/gray scheme. I’m ahead of the curve. Just pure coincidence.

If the rumor were true, I can’t wait to see this new color scheme.