Another New Look

All right, not wanting to get stuck with a certain theme, I decided to get really, really simple. It has lots of white space and it’s even colorless. This is likely to be a temporary patch until I can find a decent theme. In the meantime, this will do for now.

I’m kind of looking forward to the new WordPress which is being merged with WordPress-Mu in the next release. I’m not sure yet what the implications are to the upgrade. I will most likely take advantage of the multiple installs on one platform as opposed to having multiple WordPress installs.

Another product that I’m looking excited about is Ubuntu 10.04 which is going to be LTS or Long Term Support. It has been two years since the last LTS. The only issue is I’m really starting to like Linux Mint. I have been using it for 3 months. There is usually a one to two month delay before Mint follows Ubuntu.

I have been playing around with CodeIgniter. It’s a MVC framework that makes you write fast kickass PHP programs. Well, that’s what CodeIgniter website says. The only gripe I have with CodeIgniter is the way it latches on to one application at a time. You kinda have to edit the configuration file to switch to another application, but I found a workaround by installing Apache Virtual Hosts. One virtual host per application. Maybe, I’ll document and write about it when I have time.

Finally, I got a chuckle when I saw this article, “Seeking the One True Linux: Is Linux Distro-hopping a Thing of the Past?” I don’t really know why there is a need to have a one true Linux Distro. The last thing Linux users need is a distro monopoly. There is good to having a variety of distros. Linux users need choices.

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