Linux Mint 8 Review

I have been using Linux Mint 8 this past month. I love it. Why the switch from Ubuntu? Well, It’s not just the mint green color, although I think it’s an upgrade from Ubuntu’s drab brown. The Main Edition, the flagship release of Linux Mint, provides full multimedia support out of the box, meaning that you can listen to MP3’s watch DVD’s and view web pages that require Flash technology right after install. Simply put, it just works with minimal tweaking.

Why Mint? There are over 300 Linux distributions. Everyone has their own favorite. I chose Linux Mint because it’s based from Ubuntu. It’s something I’m very familiar with. I was a bit surprised to know that Linux Mint ranks third on the DistroWatch ranking trailing only Ubuntu and Fedora. Linux Mint 8 is my favorite at the moment, until something better comes along. Switching distros for me is easy since I keep all my documents in a USB stick. Reformatting a disk and installing a new distro takes only 15 to 20 minutes.

Here are a couple of Linux Mint 8 reviews from Linux Planet and DistroWatch.

2 thoughts on “Linux Mint 8 Review

  1. It is good to know that you are finding it very easy to switch Linux OSs but some how, I have been finding it very difficult for me to switch from one linux to other. I have been hopping from one Distro to other since last 2 years and I have ultimately settled with Ubuntu. Documents and other file are okay. I can save them on my hard disk but problem is with softwares. I cannot compile softwares on all distros which I use. Even if I use a debian based distro than also most of the deb files don’t work with all distro since they require lot of dependencies to me satisfied .

    1. Re-installing software not much of hassle I think. If you got a list of them, you can install all of them at once. There might be some that need configuration changes. You can save those config files and restore them later.

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