Avast Anti-Virus and Atom N230

My Lenovo Q100 is a bit underpowered running on an 1.60 Ghz Intel Atom 230. Recently, I updated my nettop to the latest Avast Anti-Virus software. The result is  disappointing. The latest Avast software seem to gobble up the CPU utilization of the Q100. Videos are choppy and the sound stutters. I uninstalled Avast at the moment. I might install an older version of Avast or just leave the nettop unprotected. In the meantime, the Q100 is back to humming along quite nicely.

5 thoughts on “Avast Anti-Virus and Atom N230

  1. Yes, I’ve had MSE running for a while now on the Q100. The footprint is quite small and it doesn’t hog resources. Hopefully, it will be effective in thwarting viruses from here on.

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