Difference Between Nikon G and D Lenses

While doing research for a Nikon 50mm lens, I found out that Nikon offers two types of lenses, the G and D. I found this forum discussing in detail the differences between the two types.

Essentially the G is the cheaper one of the two since it’s made of cheaper plastic. The G also doesn’t come with an aperture ring. You’ll have to set the aperture settings in your camera’s body. This means, you can’t use the G on older cameras.

I’ve been interested in acquiring a 50mm prime lens to go with my D90 camera. A 50mm lens, I think, is ideally suited for portraits, low light and bookeh photography. Speaking of forums, Dpreview is still one of my favorites. Although, I’m not a frequent visitor.

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  1. Hey bud, go with the 50mm 1.8D, you’ll be very happy. Cheap, but not garbage. Super sharp even from 1.8. I have it for my D90 and it’s simply wonderful (and compact).

    My question, how do I add a second sidebar to your black letterhead theme?


    1. Thanks for the advise. I was debating whether to go with 50mm 1.8D or the 50mm 1.4D. I’m looking at 35mm 1.8D or G as well. Too many choices.

      Adding a second sidebar is a bit tricky because you have to expand the overall width of the page and create another floating div. I plan to make another theme with two sidebars. Stay tuned.

  2. Check out Ken Rockwell’s web site, http://www.kenrockwell.com for great info and suggestions on Nikon camera and lens questions like yours. He offers strong but well supported opinions that make lens and camera selections easy. Greg (I have no connection to the site except for referring to it often.)

    1. Hi Greg,

      I have been to Ken Rockwell’s website before, but I haven’t visited recently. I took his recommendation to buy a SB-400 flash. I’m pretty happy with it. Although, it’s not top of the line flash, it does an adequate job. I’ll check his website again regarding lenses. Thanks for stopping by my site. Cheers.

    1. I have not heard of Viveza until now, but I just saw the video on the site. It seems nice and simple to use. Yea, my D90 is awesome. Now, I just need that 35mm prime lens and I’m good to go.

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