WordPress and WordPress Mu Merging

This is not exactly breaking news, and it’s certainly not a secret either, but the word on the street is that WordPress and WordPress Mu are merging, most likely in the next big release of version 3.0. Future versions of WordPress will be capable of holding multiple blogs just like WordPress Mu. Bloggers will no longer have to make that tough decision when starting out whether to go WordPress or WordPress Mu. I’ve done both types of installations. Switching from one to the other is not a cakewalk. Merging both versions is another great move for WordPress. I can’t wait to get the next version.

2 thoughts on “WordPress and WordPress Mu Merging

  1. Ok, thats interesting. I’ve done some moves from WordPress to WordPress MU, usually I do it by exporting an SQL-file with the right tables, change their names and replace strings (urls). Usually bumping in to small annoying problems, like MU filtering out code etc.

    I’m happy if I don’t have to do those steps anymore 😉

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