Linux Webcam Using Flash

I searched high and low for a solution to a problem with my webcam in Linux. I have a Logitech Quickcam Fusion that doesn’t seem to work with Adobe Flash 10. Many programs like Yahoo and use Adobe Flash to capture a webcam. My webcam works just fine with other apps like Cheese and Ekiga, but not with Flash programs. I tried the Flashcam fix, but something is not quite right. There seems to be no fix at the moment based on what I read on the Ubuntu forums. This is an issue with Adobe Flash in Linux. Hopefully, it will get fixed soon, like the next release! Has anyone got theirs to work? Any tip is appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Linux Webcam Using Flash

  1. I’ve been trying to use the eye toy with flash apps in Ubuntu. My camera works, but it’s at the wrong resolution, causing everything to look garbled. If there was a way to change the camera resolution setting in flash, my camera work perfectly. The eyetoy works just fine in Windows.

    1. I’ve never played around with eyetoy before. Weren’t they for the PS2 originally? I have the same issue with the Fusion. I read from one of the Ubuntu forums that support for webcams in the next release will be better. I hope so.

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