Record Audio From Your Computer Speakers

Are you looking for ways on how to record an audio of a streaming site, an online radio, a Youtube video or any music that is coming from an iPod attached to your computer whether it’s actually yours or your friend’s iPod? Well, you’ll need two things to record the audio: Audacity software and a 1/8 stereo jack.

First, the software. Audacity is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Audacity is available from your standard Ubuntu repository. You can download it using the command-line: “sudo apt-get install audacity.”

Second, chances are you already have a 1/8 stereo jack. If not, you can pick up one at Radio Shack for a few measly dollars. Here’s the trick. Create a loopback connector by plugging in the output of your computer speaker to the microphone input of your computer.

Audacity will record anything that is coming from the microphone input. Play your source: whether it’s a Youtube video, online streaming, online radio, etc. Next, just click the record button and off you go. When you are done, you can save the audio in several formats: mp3, wav, ogg vorbis, aiff, au, or aup – the audacity project format. Once you have the recording, you can do anything with it.

Happy recording!

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