End Microsoft Piracy

I’m actually giving Microsoft some love it deserves. I bash Microsoft OS sometimes. There is no denying it. But in this post, I am actually defending Microsoft. Gasp! Sort of. After all, piracy is scourge for all software and media companies. Even with a well-guarded release of a movie or a software, it takes just a matter of hours before an illegal copy turns up somewhere in some forum, IRC or file sharing site. Que Pasa said, it’s not worth the risk installing pirated software. And I agree. He argues in his article the following points:

  • It’s Illegal – who is going to find out you may ask? Well I for one wouldn’t want to find out.
  • It’s a security risk – In this day and age, the security risks are many. Specially if you manage your finances on your computer.
  • Pirated software is not safe – many of their sources can’t be trusted and often lead to infections with worms and viruses that look to compromise more than your HW.
  • Lack of support – the internet is a good source of info, but while searching for solutions, you risk getting or soliciting help from scam artists.

Installing a pirated Microsoft OS, to me, is not an option. First, you’ll have problems getting security updates from Microsoft. It will only compromise your computer even further because the lack the security updates. If you really can’t afford to buy a Microsoft OS, then perhaps, it’s time to turn to something different, something free, something better than you have ever anticipated.

There are many reasons why people switched over to Linux. The main draws are obviously the price. Another is security. For me, part of the reason I switched over to Linux is, I couldn’t get myself to buy an operating system that I already owned. I own a valid Microsoft XP Home Edition license. My problem was, I couldn’t find a CD set to install the operating system. My laptop didn’t come with a Rescue CD.

I tried installing Windows XP Professional Edition with a Home Edition product key. It doesn’t work. I asked ask friends if they have a Home Edition CD set. No one has it. And I’m not about to go out and  buy something that I already owned. So, I turned to Linux because it was free.

If cost was the reason you’re installing a pirated Windows OS, then you should really consider installing Linux. It’s not only free, but superior in many respects. And you never have to worry about viruses and security. In addition, you also have many distribution choices, something you will not have with Microsoft. There at least 20 or so major Linux distributions.

Download several and find one that suits you.

5 thoughts on “End Microsoft Piracy

  1. Good article, and I agree with it. But in my country Poland, many ppl dont understand that and they said: wtf?? Why no piracy Window, it isnt illegal, cuz many used it and noone been catched. It is sad, but true. When I install piracy Window and legal software, like 7-zip against Winrar thay said same. Or they want MS Office against OpenOffice but I said: I install only legal software. Rest of it is yours and do what you want. I dont help you with it.

    1. Olbi, it’s a good thing to promote open source software instead of pirating software. The laws in each country are very different. Some countries, piracy is very rampant, in others not so much. The laws are not enforced as you would think.

  2. “And you never have to worry about viruses and security”

    Come on, get real. You lost all credibility with that comment for so many reasons.

    1. So, what reasons are you talking about? At the very least back up your statement with some valid arguments. Here’s mine. I never gotten a virus nor my system got hacked while running Linux. Meanwhile, I have gotten viruses running Windows. That’s with two firewalls and ad-aware software running at the same time.

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