Xbox 360 True Failure Rate

As much as I love the Xbox 360, the graphics, the games, and the online play, I still think it’s a piece of crap. You’ll be surprise if I tell you the failure rate of the Xbox 360. It’s a whopping 54%. The Xbox 360 has some serious hardware issues particularly with overheating. How long will Microsoft support this product because it currently bleeds red?

In my own experience, I had to return the Xbox 360 twice for repair. On both occasion, I had the red ring of death. If you’ve experience this problem, you only have one option for repair. You need to send it back to Microsoft. This is preferred way without breaking the warranty. Speaking of warranty, Microsoft has extended the warranty for 3 years because of many complaints. Because of the long wait, some have tried the towel trick, the heatsink fix as well as adding an extra fan.

No one can hide the fact, he Xbox 360 and its hardware particularly, has had a grade of F. Surprisingly, the Xbox operating system has been stable enough considering it’s based on Windows 2000. The main issue is really with overheating. Microsoft would have been better off contracting out the hardware to Dell, HP or to any hardware vendor.

Microsoft should have stuck to what they do best, that is, writing software and operating systems instead of producing hardware, although venturing out with a Microsoft OS can sometimes be a hairy experience. Finally, here is a damning story about the Xbox mess.

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