Gimp 2.7.0

For those of us who are Gimp fans, the latest version 2.7.0 contains features essential for photographers. The latest Gimp release contains a feature to correct barrel distortion, a feature called “perspective transform, sample colorize” to make your black and white photos stand out, and a few cloning tools for digital retouching.

List of Features:

  • Change the Text Tool to perform text editing on-canvas (GSoC 2008)
  • Add support for tagging GIMP resources such as brushes and allow filtering based on these tags (GSoC 2008)
  • Separate the activies of saving an image and exporting it, there is now an ‘File->Export…’ for example
  • Port file plug-ins to new export API which gets rid of many annoying export dialogs
  • Add a simple parser to size entry widgets, images can be scaled to e.g. “50%” or “2 * 37px + 10in”
  • Arrange layer modes into more logical and useful groups
  • Added support for rotation of brushes
  • Make the Pointer dockable show information about selection position and size
  • Get rid of the Tools dockable and move toolbox configuration to


  • Add status bar feedback for keyboard changes to brush paramaters
  • Add diagonal guides to the Crop Tool
  • New docks are created at the pointer position
  • Add support for printing crop marks for images
  • Move ‘Text along path’ from tool options to text context menu
  • Change default shortcuts for “Shrink Wrap” and “Fit in Window” to Ctrl+R and Ctrl+Shift+R respectively since the previous shortcuts are now used for the save+export feature
  • Make Alt+Click on layers in Layers dockable create a selection from the layer
  • Allow to specify written language in the Text Tool

2 thoughts on “Gimp 2.7.0

  1. Woah, I did not realize they had released 2.7 yet. I’m still using 2.6.3. Beautiful to see they added resource tagging, that is possibly the best feature they could have added in my mind. Right now I have my resources separated by folders for the ‘style’ of what they are and move them in and out of my actual gimp resource folders based on whether I need that ‘style’ of resource for what Im working on.

    For example I have a ‘grunge’ brush folder, or a ‘diagonals’ patterns folder.

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