Windows 7 At First Glance

I’ve just gathered a few articles worth noting as Windows 7 begins to take shape. As most of you know, Windows 7 Release Candidate was released to the general public for download. It’s a bit odd for Microsoft to do this. Was Microsoft feeling the pressure to release it? I just can’t get over the fact that Microsoft is giving away their latest OS for free with a license that will not expire until June 1, 2010. Perhaps, it was to relieve the pressure from Vista users for all their troubles.

Microsoft plans to offer six different versions of Windows 7. That seems a lot. Confusion may abound. There is a Starter edition which runs in XP mode targeting netbooks. XP mode is a bit restrictive since it can only run three applications at one time. Also, initial results of the speed test indicate that Windows 7 is not much faster than Vista. In addition, Microsoft also released the Windows 7 system requirements and they are not much different than Vista.

Complaints are beginning to trickle in. Mozilla recently said Windows 7 poses an unfair advantage over other browsers. That sounds familiar? There are other issues as well. One reviewer said Windows 7 did not install because it could not recognize the hard drive. The user had to use Gparted, a Linux tool to partition a drive and then Windows 7 proceeded with the install. Classic.

Do we expect big changes between now and the final release? Maybe. Maybe not. Report show that Microsoft tends to be slow in their development. There are not too many changes between the beta version and the release candidate. The downer is that initial reports indicate that as much as 84% of businesses will not upgrade to Windows 7.

In any case, we all want the Windows 7 product to succeed. We don’t want all Windows users switching to other operating systems like Linux and the Mac, do we?

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2 thoughts on “Windows 7 At First Glance

  1. This requirements are some jokes?? Ubuntu Linux need 256 for running, 512 is needed to use Compiz 🙂 But my friend runinig Windows 7 on 2 GHz CPU and 256 RAM and he told me that it was good for work :] It is very strange. So next Windows X will be 1 GHz processor and 1.5 GB RAM for working. Much people have old computers like 1.8 GHz and 512 RAM and they want run system and work on it, not only watch to desktop. So why MS dont do special version for these machines?? Linux’s distributions have so many different environment like E17, Blackbox, openbox, Xfce, lxde 🙂

    1. Initial reviews of Windows 7 have been mixed. Not everyone is jumping up and down and clapping their hands. So, at this moment, Microsoft has a lot more work to do.

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