Configure Firefox to Play WMV Videos

Configure Ubuntu Firefox to Play WMV Videos

Alright, so I’m a little soccer depraved. Occasionally, I need to see soccer highlights. I went to the MLS site to check out some videos over the weekend, but I had a little trouble watching the video streams in Microsoft’s WMV format. I’m posting this to document how to get the Firefox browser in Ubuntu to work with WMV streaming videos. To get the video streams to work, I removed the Mozilla totem plugin and installed mplayer instead. Here are the commands:

Remove the Mozilla Totem Plugin

# sudo apt-get remove totem-mozilla

Install the Mozilla Mplayer

# sudo apt-get install mozilla-mplayer

The mplayer plugin launches a pop-up screen to display the streaming videos.

Evolution Now Supports MAPI

Gnome’s latest release of the Gnome 2.26 Desktop gives Evolution users the ability to read Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders or PST files as well as communicate with existing Microsoft Exchange servers via MAPI.

What this means is the Linux desktop can now use an open-source email client like Evolution to talk to Microsoft Exchange servers. Previously, Evolution could only talk to Exchange servers using the SOAP interface.

Evolution is not only an open-source integrated mail client software, but is also an address book and calendaring system. This is indeed good news for Linux. There is now a path to those who may be contemplating on switching over from Microsoft’s Outlook client to an open-source email client such as Evolution.