HP Probook

Here is another small win for Linux. HP just announced the Probook, a new line of inexpensive business laptops. The ProBook comes with a 14-inch, 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch screen sizes with prices starting at $529. The Probook comes pre-installed with Novell Inc’s SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11.

I took a quick look at HP’s website if the Probook has been updated. It’s not. HP does a horrible job of promoting Linux. They have been selling the Mini pre-installed with Linux for several months now. Unfortunately, Linux is not one of the pre-configured models. You have to customize the Mini if you want the Linux platform.

If a casual buyer visits HP’s website, chances are, they’ll never find the Linux systems. They are tucked and hidden away from sight. You won’t even know HP sells them if you happen to be just browsing. You really have to be looking for Linux to find them. I am not a bit surprised since the words “HP recommends Windows Vista® Business” are blasted on the screen.

Nevertheless, having Linux pre-installed on HP line of business laptops is a still a win. At least, it’s an available option. Albeit, a hidden one.

2 thoughts on “HP Probook

  1. HP isnt good producer of laptops – these look ugly and shiny … I try to do myself their and this is joke. I want FreeDOS and must pay them 40$. Others options are too very jokes and lot of laught …

    I must say that HP is one of the most strange company which is doing laptops, netbooks 😛

    1. Orion, I never had a HP laptop. I had others, but never a HP, so I can’t say much about it. Yea, what’s the deal with paying extra for FreeDOS. 🙂

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