Netbook Remix on the Lenovo S10


I finally had the chance to play around with Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my Lenovo S10. I went ahead and downloaded the Netbook Remix IMG file from Ubuntu’s website. I had to install the USB Imagewriter program first since it wasn’t installed by default on my Ubuntu desktop which is still running Hardy Heron. I ran Imagewriter and installed the Netbook Remix on an older USB memory stick which I was no longer using. Several minutes later, I had the Netbook Remix installed on a bootable USB stick. I plugged in the USB stick and booted my Lenovo S10. The S10 recognized that the USB was bootable and proceeded to load Ubuntu. A minute later, I had Ubuntu running on my S10.

4 thoughts on “Netbook Remix on the Lenovo S10

  1. Hi! How about the wi fi device? It doesn’t work properly…I can see the nets but I can’t connect to them….


    1. As I recall, the wi-fi was working otherwise I would have mentioned it. I need to revisit Netbook Remix again. It has been a while.

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