Linux Journal Archive CD ROM

Linux Journal Magazine announced today it is releasing every article in the last 15 years via an Archive CD-ROM.

“With nearly 4,000 articles written by industry experts on everything from cool projects, desktop how-tos, security, embedded systems, networking, virtualization, multimedia, system administration and programming tricks and techniques” said Executive Editor Jill Franklin, “this unique collection is a must-have for every Linux enthusiast. The Archive CD-ROM contains every issue of Linux Journal, from the premiere March 1994 issue through December 2008.”

The Archive CD-ROM (ISBN: 978-0-9793220-2-0) goes on sale today, February 25, 2009 for $32.00 at What a deal!

1 thought on “Linux Journal Archive CD ROM

  1. Wow, price is nice, but when dolar is 3.72 PLN that isnt for me to buy. Maybe w8 for 2.5 PLN 🙂 But if some1 buy it and give on torrents I would like to watch it 🙂

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