Linux Journal Archive CD ROM

Linux Journal Magazine announced today it is releasing every article in the last 15 years via an Archive CD-ROM.

“With nearly 4,000 articles written by industry experts on everything from cool projects, desktop how-tos, security, embedded systems, networking, virtualization, multimedia, system administration and programming tricks and techniques” said Executive Editor Jill Franklin, “this unique collection is a must-have for every Linux enthusiast. The Archive CD-ROM contains every issue of Linux Journal, from the premiere March 1994 issue through December 2008.”

The Archive CD-ROM (ISBN: 978-0-9793220-2-0) goes on sale today, February 25, 2009 for $32.00 at What a deal!

Knoppix CD

If you were to try out Linux other than Ubuntu and Fedora, the two leading Linux distributions in my humble opinion, then you should try out Knoppix Live CD. It contains automatic hardware detection, support for many graphics cards, sound cards, SCSI and USB devices and other peripherals. In addition, it can be used as a desktop, an educational CD or a rescue system. If you are new to Linux the Knoppix Live CD. It’s a good way to dabble with Linux without installing over your existing operating system. The latest Knoppix Live CD was released on February 08, 2009 with version 6.0.

Microsoft Threat

Is Microsoft being threatened? By Linux, Google or Netbooks? Conz of ZDNet.CO.UK brings an interesting angle as to what could potentially cut down Microsoft’s margins. With netbook prices continuing to drop, I can’t imagine anyone other than a serious business user to plonk down a couple grand to buy a laptop if a cheaper alternative is available. My gut feeling is netbooks are going to be ubiquitous since they are portable, cheap and are adequately powered. They perform most of the basic functions most people do such as checking email, browsing, creating documents, spreadsheets and even watching movies in some ocassion. You may not be able to play the power hungry and graphic intensive computer games on the netbook, but most people who buy netbooks want only basic functionality. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft’s profits are squeezed out in the netbook market.