4 thoughts on “Black-Letterhead 1.6.1

  1. I see the Theme Toolkit was not included with the newest version of black-letterhead 1.6.1. I tried placing the 1.4 version Theme Toolkit into the 1.6.1 root directory, but WordPress is not recognizing (displaying) the Toolkit in the 1.6.1 newest update.

    Any idea how to get Theme Toolkit working with the new update?

    Thanks for input.

  2. One other question. Is there a way to make Black-Letterhead 1.6.1 default to the wide (960) pixels version when a user lands of the page without forcing the user to use the preferences link at the bottom?

  3. How come the latest Black Letterhead version 1.6.1 does not have the option CUSTOM HEADER so an image can replace the default header ? In my free account with WordPress I use the Black Letterhead with 12 witgets and the CUSTOM HEADER option. Don’t know what version is that.

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