Open Office 3.0

If you have not been living under a rock, you probably heard by now that Office 3.0 was released to the general public on October 13th. If you have not heard about the Open Office 3.0 release, it’s time to get familiar with the Open Office 3.0 application.

Open Office is an open-source Office Suite of Applications. It’s the free, open-source equivalent to MS Office suite of applications. Open Office 3.0 contains a Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentations, Graphics, Formula and Database capabilities. The biggest feature for this release; Open Office is now available to the Mac.

Other prominent features are Open Office can now open files saved in Microsoft 2007 or Microsoft 2008 for the Mac. The new suite plays nicely with Visual Basic and Microsoft Access 2007 formats. Users can also create Web 2.0 documents in XHTML and MediaWiki formats.

With third-party addons, more capabilities are available including an Impress presenter console, support for business analytics, PDF import, and the creation of Hybrid PDF documents.

The Open Office website is currently experiencing high traffic due to huge amount of downloads. It seems like a popular site at the moment. If you want to check it out, visit the Open Office website.

2 thoughts on “Open Office 3.0

  1. Ok ok ok … you convinced me dude … ive been playing with ubuntu for about two weeks now and I am going to start dual booting with windows xp on my system … ubuntu is pretty dope and for most anything i would do outside of using Adobe CS3 … I can do in linux.

    I am officially a linux convert

  2. Hi,

    Yesterday I went to do a google search and I found a bunch of new digg-style social voting feature on the results page. I know this has been covered before and screenshots have circulated, but I don’t think anybody has put out a video documenting the experimental new features so I put one together:

    Let me know if you or anybody in the community want more info on how the features work and I would be happy to post another video, answer questions or get some screenshots. I’m a big fan of your writing so I am very interested to see how the community would react to this video.

    Justin Baker

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