Gmail IMap and Evolution

I had trouble setting up Gmail IMAP in Evolution in the past that the only way I fixed it was removing Evolution and installing Thunderbird. But, today is a very good day. I finally got Gmail IMAP to work in Evolution! This post is to document the Gmail IMap configuration in Evolution as a future reference. Hopefully, someone will read it and benefit from it as well. So, here we go. Let’s add a new account in Evolution by accessing the menu. Pull down the Edit > Preferences. Click Add to add new account.

Identity Tab

Let’s start with the Identity Tab. Enter the name of the account. In my case, I am simply calling it “Gmail.” Now, enter your full name and your email address. You can add a optional signature if you want.

Receiving Email Tab

In the Receiving Email tab, please select “IMap” server type. Enter “” as the server. The username is your full email address. Select “SSL encryption” for the secure connection type. The authentication type is “Password.” Checking remember password is optional if you want to avoid typing in the password everytime you access Evolution.

Receiving Options Tab

This section is really a personal choice. I like to be able to check messages every 10 minutes, show only subscribed folder as well as automatically synchronize remote mail locally.

Sending Email Tab

Please select “SMTP” for server type. Use “” for the server. Use “TLS encryption” for secure connection. Select “Login” for authentication type. Use your full email account name for the username. Checking the remember password feature is optional.

The rest of the Tab folders are optional settings that you can set based on your own personal choice. That’s it. How I failed to get it to work previously was beyond me. Sometimes missing a single parameter can mean a whole lot of difference.

9 thoughts on “Gmail IMap and Evolution

  1. I can not get it work on Business mail.

    It display loading and that is the last think it reports.

    Do I need to come out an go back in for every time i change a parameter

  2. This was an Awesome Post. Simple/Straight and to the point. And the best part was that it worked!!!!!!

    Excellent Post!

  3. Debian etch. I think the problem is that their is an icon in the top right saying “no network connection”. There is a network connection and web browsers and dns work fine, nut evolution does not work. I am now using Ubuntu and would like to get back to Debian.


  4. it did not works with my evolution on Ubuntu Ibex….. is there anybody managed to get it work?

  5. Nice and concise instructions. Most probably you did not put the port with the email server name when you first tried Evolution. That was my problem when I did.

    Got to your blog searching pros and cons of using Evolution and Thunderbird. Now that you are using Evolution for some time, do you miss Thunderbird or any standard (not add-on) feature?.

    I am used to Thunderbird and have been using it for some 3 years now, but am giving Evolution a try because of its integration with Calendar and its Task Manager. And, being both Mozilla-based, way of doing things is very alike.Which (mail) one do you prefer?

    Thanks in advance for your comments.

  6. Great job!!! Like everything on linux(i’m a newbie) i have to search a lot until find the correct configuration to run!


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