gOS 3 Gadgets

gOS 3 Gadgets is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 8.04.1. The package contain applications or Google gadgets like Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Skype, Pidgin, YouTube, WikiPedia, Blogger and the Open Office Presentation, Spreadsheet and Word Processor.

In addition, Wine is installed allowing thousands of Windows application to run under Linux like Photoshop, Internet Explorer, etc. Prism, a new application by Mozilla is also installed allowing web application to be split from the browser and run directly on the gOS desktop. Google Mail, Calendar, Documents and YouTube are run through Prism.

Give gOS 3 Gadgets distribution a try. Just download the ISO from the gOS website. Burn the ISO to a CD drive. Place the CD in the drive and reboot the computer. Select start or “install gOS.” Once gOS is loaded, click the “install” icon to begin installation. When finished, just reboot.

If you are an experienced Ubuntu user, it takes a little bit to get used to gOS menu’s, icons, and window controls. gOS reminds me so much of Mac in terms of the icons, navigation and controls. But you can’t go wrong with gOS since it is built on top of a solid Ubuntu distribution.

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