Dell Upgrade PCs to Ubuntu 8.04

Dell recently started selling Linux laptops and desktops. I can’t understand why it took a better of four months to upgrade to the latest Ubuntu 8.04 release also known as Hardy Heron. Ubuntu 8.04 was released back in April 2008 by Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. Dell is now making the latest release available on several systems: two laptops, the XPS M1330N and the Inspiron 1525N notebooks, and a desktop sytem, the Inspiron 530N. That’s a good four months later. I’m not privy why it took so much time to upgrade to 8.04. Were there issues? I guess we could expect Dell to be always behind after each Ubuntu release. Four months seems like eternity. The next Ubuntu release 8.10 will be in October 2008.

3 thoughts on “Dell Upgrade PCs to Ubuntu 8.04

  1. Part of the reason, I’d guess, is that they were waiting for the 8.04.1 point-release which came out recently.

  2. Dell most likely took four months to test current and new hardware. I also read that they may have tweaked drivers.

  3. I recently switched entirely to Ubuntu as the lone operating system on my desktop computer. I would seriously consider buying Dell if they’ve done a thorough job with the adoption of Ubuntu Linux. It sounds like they have. This is a positive, but again four months seems like a long time.

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