Adeona Service

Adeona is a Roman goddess of safe returns. It’s appropriate that a new open software service under GPLv2 is named after it. Adeona is an Open Source system for tracking the location of lost or stolen laptops. It does not require a proprietary or central service, but rather a free one.

The system is privacy-preserving meaning that no one besides the owner has access to Adeona for tracking a stolen system. Unlike other systems, Adeona users state-of-the-art cryptographic mechanisms to assure users their laptop information is secure.

Adeona uses a remote community storage facility to store a system’s information. Adeona client software is available in three platforms: Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The Mac OS version is capable of capturing iSight pictures accessible only to the laptop’s owner – for later access if recovered.

Give it a try. It’s a free service.