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Journey released today their latest album called “Revelation” featuring lead singer Arnel Pineda. The CD set contains 11 new songs, 11 re-recorded old classics,  and a DVD of Journey’s concert in Las Vegas in March. Revelation contains new songs like ‘Never Walk Away, After All These Years and Wildest Dream. Revelation is sold exclusively at WalMart for $11.98.

The album was produced by Kevin Shirley who was recently interviewed by ModernGuitars about the project. You can also read the New York Times’ review of Journey’s latest album. Idolator and Blabbermouth also joins the fray.

I’m amazed that a simple mention of either Journey, Steve Perry or Arnel Pineda in forums, blogs and in YouTube invoke impassioned sentiments I’ve never seen before. The gamut runs from die-hard Steve Perry fans, Arnel Pineda fans to just pure Journey haters.

Whichever side of the spectrum you fall in, just enjoy the music because I think this one of the better Journey albums in quite a while. I picked up my copy today. I listened to the whole album. I think it’s very good.

I’m predicting ‘Never Walk Away’ and ‘After All These Years’ will be big hits this summer. Journey will be on tour in Europe in June, then will be back in the US and Canada from July to October. Better get your tickets fast.

Here are a couple more reviews:

10 thoughts on “Journey Revelation

  1. the album is pretty good…

    my picks are “After all these years” and “Wildest Dreams”

  2. Hey Uly! I was so surprised to stumble upon your site because of your review with JOURNEY’s newest album REVELATION.
    Here’s my pick : Where Did I Lose Your Love was my favorite, followed by What It Takes To Win. Yeah, NWA is nice though, but i kind of like the two i mentioned. Its just so cool to hear again one of my fave band in the 80’s and with a filipino as a front man. I was just so proud for Arnel Pineda. He’s the real deal indeed! Can’t wait to have my copy send to me here in PI.


  3. Journey rocks!! I am now addicted to Journey songs! I love especially After All These Years! Arnel Pineda sings with so much emotion it made me cry while listening to it. I also love Never Walk Away. Been staying up late for the past few nights just reading news and clips pertaining to Journey/Arnel Pineda. Everynight listening and watching videos of their songs from WalMart website. Am here in Singapore and don’t know if their album will ever be released here, so asked my bestfriend in US to buy one for me. And now its on its way here in Singapore! So happy and excited!! Continue to make good music Journey and AP. You made millions of people happy and inspired. God bless!!

  4. When i heard that Arnel is the new frontman of journey band i immediately track him on the web and for such a short period of time i learnt the history of this legendary rock band and always read those articles about him and the band and it’s really addicted, i stayed very late at night listening to arnels videos and concerts. i am so happy for him. i used to watched concert here in hongkong when he still with the ” MOST WANTED” band, Ny friend told me that arnels looks different now but i can see that deep inside he still the same person . I can’t wait to buy their album revelation. Is there anyone knows when this album available here in Hongkong , i also want to buy some for my relatives in the Philippines. Take care of your voice arnel!!! i hope that you may include Hongkong for your next concert, i’m sure your friends and kababayan can’t wait to see you performed again here, how about in Hongkong Stadium,? i’m sure filipinos and non- filipinos will eager to see you guys!!Thank’s Neal for believing with Arnel,we filipinos are so happy for you……ingat!!!!!

  5. Audrey, you might want to check out Journey’s website about the album release in Asia. It’s available via Walmart here in the US. Amazon is selling them also. There’s a rumor the band might do an Asian tour. Peace.

  6. One day somewhere in an unknown bar in the US, some guy would be singing After All These Years and Turn Down the World Tonight and it’s not A Steve Perry Journey signature but Arnel Pineda’s own Journey classic!

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