Auto Suggesting WordPress Tags

I just read the latest WordPress Weekly Digest and this line item grabbed my attention: The introduction of auto-suggest for tag entering. Wow. That is going to be one great feature. I guess it will all depend on what kind of auto-suggestion feature WordPress will implement. The two styles I’m familiar with are Google’s Search box which uses the pull-down menu, and in-line suggestion. See snapshots below. I like the feature because it’s simple, effective and non-obtrusive. It will be a perfect fit for WordPress. Regardless, I’m happy to have an auto-suggesting tagging in WordPress.

Google Search


delicious.jpg’ feature appears and disappears if there is data in the tag field.

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  1. Hey I just started using your black letterhead design and my YouTube videos aren’t showing up. Is there a bug or to I need to put in the tags differently for this layout?

    Please help.

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