Installing VMWare Server in Ubuntu 7.10

Installing VMWare in Ubuntu 7.10 was much simpler than I thought.


Open Terminal from the Applications – Accessories menu.

  1. Update the sources.list file. Enter password when prompted.
  2. sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list

    Add this line with “gutsy partner” to the end of file:

    deb gutsy partner

    Save or :wq

  3. Run an update.
  4. sudo apt-get update
  5. Now install VMWare.
  6. sudo apt-get install vmware-server

    Wait for a little bit for installation to complete.

  7. After the install, access the VMWare Server from the Applications – System Tools menu and select VMWare Server Console.
  8. Just select Localhost and Connect.

Please refer to the VMWare documentation how to use VMWare.


sudo apt-get remove --purge vmware-server
sudo rm -r /etc/vmware

Auto Suggesting WordPress Tags

I just read the latest WordPress Weekly Digest and this line item grabbed my attention: The introduction of auto-suggest for tag entering. Wow. That is going to be one great feature. I guess it will all depend on what kind of auto-suggestion feature WordPress will implement. The two styles I’m familiar with are Google’s Search box which uses the pull-down menu, and in-line suggestion. See snapshots below. I like the feature because it’s simple, effective and non-obtrusive. It will be a perfect fit for WordPress. Regardless, I’m happy to have an auto-suggesting tagging in WordPress.

Google Search


delicious.jpg’ feature appears and disappears if there is data in the tag field.

GraffitiCMS vs WordPress

GraffitiCMS claims it is an alternative to WordPress. Charles Stricklin mentioned it his blog. So did Matt. The question is, Is GraffitiCMS really better than WordPress? Let’s take a closer look.

Comparison Chart

✓ WordPress GraffityCMS
Product ✓ Since 2003, now version 2.3.2 Private Beta 1
Development ✓ Open Source (Free) Proprietary
Platform ✓ PHP, Linux (Free) ASP.NET
Database ✓ MySQL (Free) VistaDB, SQL Server
User Base ✓ Millions of users A handful of users
Themes ✓ Thousands of (Free) themes A handful of themes
Installation 5 steps, 5 minutes ✓ 3 steps, 2 minutes
Price ✓ $0 (Free) $199, $99

It looks like WordPress wins hands-down. Graffiti claims the installation is faster than WordPress. Ok, I’ll give them that, although I know WordPress is by far one of the easiest software I’ve ever installed. By looking at the installation steps, the steps seem to be identical, perhaps GraffitiCMS even omitting certain steps to appear easier. I’m not about to pay $99 or $199 just to find out if the installation process is really faster than WordPress.

What is interesting is the word Free seems to crop up everywhere in the comparison chart. That’s the bottom line for me.