Driving My Ubuntu Desktop

Pictured above is how I drive my Ubuntu Desktop. It’s clean, fast and it’s brown all over. That’s Ubuntu for sure. Some people don’t really care for the earthy tones, but I don’t mind. My screen resolution is set to 1280 x 1024 pixels. I’ve decided to use this background for a bit of a change. By the way, the Compiz Fusion Desktop Effects are super. I love the applications: OpenOffice, Gimp, MoviePlayer, Rythymbox Music Player and the Bluefish Editor are just a few. The only thing I miss in Windows are the games. It may be time for some virtualization using VMWare. That’s my next project.

6 thoughts on “Driving My Ubuntu Desktop

  1. That background is sweet, is it free for public consumption? I guess pictures aren’t really open source. As for programs, BlueFish is nice for web related things and I like Rhythmbox a lot myself.

  2. You might want to try the exaile music player. It’s almost like a “gnome” version of amarok. The best part about it I like, is the ability to display cover art on the desktop.

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