Evolution vs Thunderbird

It didn’t take time for me to throw out the Evolution email client from my Ubuntu platform. Instead, I installed Mozilla’s Thunderbird, an email client which I’m very familiar with. What caused the switch? Well, I was trying to configure an email account running on an IMAP server. I had a terrible time in getting it to work. After so many unsuccessful tries, it was time for me to kiss the Evolution package goodbye. I’m glad it’s gone because Thunderbird is working just fine in Ubuntu.

To remove Evolution package:
#sudo apt-get remove evolution

To Install Mozilla Thunderbird
#sudo apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird

13 thoughts on “Evolution vs Thunderbird

  1. Evolution works just fine in Ubuntu as well, don’t fault the application for not working because you couldn’t set it up. It wasn’t working how you wanted it to, perhaps, but it was working just fine. I’m not quite sure I like evolution due to the interface itself, but I have problems with Thunderbird as well, since I use it on my Windows box. Both of them run flawlessly on the machines they are on, it’s just my personal taste or ability to use that would change.

    All my IMAP accounts work =)

  2. Kaylus. I think it was more of a frustration on my part after trying several times in getting my IMAP account to work in Evolution. I’m sure IMAP works fine in Evolution, but I have been unable to get it to work. I tried searching for instructions online, but I haven’t seen any good documentation. So, that where I’m at at this time.

  3. I just tried Evolution, it looks fine, but I’ll go back to Tbird, as I have it set with a ton of extensions the way I want. What I really miss from Pegasus is the ability to see the contents of several mail folders, and the filtering system, that would run whenever you opened or closed a mail folder. I might go to using Tbird for sending, and Pegasus for receiving.

  4. For me, Evolution historically has been a fairly unstable and quirky application. Attempting, for example, to sync it against Exchange servers can be an exercise in banging one’s head against the wall given how often it might stall in the middle of the process. Likewise I just finished setting it up for my ISP email, encountered a sync error in the middle, it doubled every message in my store, and crashed. So now I move onto the next app is all.

    I agree that someone not getting it to work should not condemn an app anymore than someone saying it works great for him should mean that it is gold and stable.

  5. though I wanted to stick to the orginal ubuntu 8.04 package. I found out that gmail does not work properly on evolution. It is a pity really but I guess Mozilla will have to be the way 🙂

  6. I find that evolution as a whole is a really faulty email program, not saying that it does not work. It took me nearly thirty min. to work out all the kinks, and has been like pulling teeth using it sense. I’m really rather disappointed in Ubuntu for putting out such a faulty release, but I’m not condemning the engineers in anyway, I just think they should have done a pre-release to work out all the bugs before making a final release.

  7. Ok. Thunderbird is easy to setup. But you have to set it up once.
    What about calendar, reminders, etc.?
    Thunderbird is not an option if we want to change from MS Outlook, but Evolution…

  8. Evolution is most certainly free software. Here’s the litmus test: its included in the Debian repository. Debian has a strict policy about not including packages that violate their free software policy.

    For example, you won’t find Firefox in their repository, even though most folks assume it free. Debian includes FF without the proprietary elements and they call it Iceweasel. Do you think they would go to all that trouble to ensure a free package and then drop Evolution in? Not in a million years.

  9. Please note that Debian includes even the Linux kernel which has non free firmware inside. They had proprietary sgi glx code inside the distributions for many years.

    So please don’t go so easy with it.

    The only fully free GNU/Linux distributions are listed here: http://www.gnu.org/distros

  10. Graziano, please note that gNewSense (distro used by Stallman and recommended by FSF) includes Evolution as the default email client…. and also have Thunderbird in the repos: both are under GPL, so… both are free (libre)….

  11. Apples to oranges? Evolution is a PIM and I have not had any trouble with the simple configuration of IMAP with Gmail…. I’ll resist complaining about KDE4 offerings to date….
    Is it reasonable to be critical of an app simply because you couldn’t set it up without help? For your readers, it’s worth the effort to give Evolution a spin!

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