Renaming WordPress MU Subdomains

If you are a WordPress MU admin, and you want to recycle an existing blog that is no longer used instead of just deleting it, here’s what you’ll have to do. You’ll need to make several changes in the MySQL database. Use PHPMyAdmin or the command line to make the database changes.

Renaming a WordPress MU Subdomain

  1. Modify the wp_blogs tables. This is where all WordPress MU blogs are listed. In this example we will modify the to
  2. Each blog will have its own 8 unique set of tables. The tables are listed starting with prefixes like wp_1_ and wp_2_ and so forth. Once you’ve identified the correct blog, make the following changes to wp_x_options table. Look under the column option_name for the following:
  3. a. siteurl – change entry to
    b. home – change entry to
    c. fileupload_url – change entry to

  4. Your new subdomain blog called is now accessible. You may have to clear the browser cache to see full effects. Login to the renewed blog as Admin to do some much needed administration tasks such as assigning a new user, changing password, changing email addresses, etc.
  5. That’s it.

You’re probably asking why since deleting a WordPress MU account is as easy as pie. Well, you do have a point. I’m just showing you that reclaiming a blog can be an option as long as there are not too many entries on the tables. Even with a full table, a simple click of the Empty button usually does the trick.

Evolution vs Thunderbird

It didn’t take time for me to throw out the Evolution email client from my Ubuntu platform. Instead, I installed Mozilla’s Thunderbird, an email client which I’m very familiar with. What caused the switch? Well, I was trying to configure an email account running on an IMAP server. I had a terrible time in getting it to work. After so many unsuccessful tries, it was time for me to kiss the Evolution package goodbye. I’m glad it’s gone because Thunderbird is working just fine in Ubuntu.

To remove Evolution package:
#sudo apt-get remove evolution

To Install Mozilla Thunderbird
#sudo apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird

Safari for Windows and Yahoo Mail

Well, after playing around with Safari for Windows the last several days, I found a few quirks and issues that could prevent many people from switching to the Safari Windows browser. First and firemost, and probably the most important is Yahoo Mail. I tried reading Yahoo Mail with the Safari browser and I got this message saying, “Hmm…your browser is not officially supported.” But, then again this is Yahoo Mail Beta running on a Safari Beta browser. Well, I’m not surprised by the result.

The second challenge is website — the soccer freak that I am. The menu system on’s website does not work in Safari. I don’t particularly know what kind of menu system they use, but all I know is, it doesn’t work in Safari. By the way, I am annoyed with their banner ads because sometimes it places the menu in the background, behind the ads, making it impossible to make a menu selection. And this is with a good browser, with Firefox. That website has issues, but that’s another story. But, I love bigsoccer.

Taxi Driver Returns $17,000

A Philippine taxi driver, who has been struggling financially, returns a bag containing $17,000 in cash left by a passenger. The woman just reported to the police when the taxi driver showed up at the precinct. The woman rewarded him $32 dollars. What? That’s it? That was my initial reaction. $32 dollars seems petty and cheap. Not much of a reward for being honest. The $32 was seven times the cab fare. I was really expecting a reward like a $1000 for a guy who doesn’t make that much money and struggling financially. You got to make it worthwhile for people to return the money next time around. Anyhow, that’s a great story and one very lucky woman.

How Much Will the iPhone Cost You?

Well, for starters, let’s start with the price of the phone. Do you want the 4GB or the 8GB? It’s $500 for the 4GB unit and $600 with the higher memory. Go for the 8GB unit for a $100 more. Throw in the AT&T phone plan, the cheapest being $60 per month and the range can run up all the way to a $100 per month. And by the way, you are locked in for 2 years.

You’ll need accessories. You will need at least a bluetooth headset which retails for $130. The iPhone Dual Dock which charges the iPhone and your Bluetooth device goes for $50. Let’s stop there. We may have overspent our budget already.

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