World’s Largest Wireless Network?

It figures to be the largest wireless network in the world covering 1,500 square miles from South San Francisco down to Santa Cruz covering more than 40 cities and covering 2.4 million people. The project is called Joint Venture Wireless Project. The team plans to build one-square-mile test sites in Palo Alto and San Carlos in the next few weeks with about 30 to 40 nodes per square mile.

Not bad. So, who will build and manage the network? It’s a consortium of several Silicon Valley companies from IBM, Cisco Systems, non-profit SeaKay and a smaller wireless provider called Azulstar. The team is called Metro Connect Team.

There’s scanty information about the project, but I found a website called Wireless Silicon Valley. Here’s the update page, but the links are not working. You can learn more about the project by reading the winning Request for Proposal.

Oh, one more thing, the Silicon Valley Metro Connect team will offer a wide range of wireless services for mobile users including a free, advertising supported service and paid services for city employees, mobile workers and visitors. No pricing yet.

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