Keeping SPAM Out

Here’s a good article about spam from Information Week. Her last point was eye opening to me. She makes a very solid point.

Don’t open spam. Many pieces of spam contain HTML code which will open a connection to a Web server operated by the spammers. When you connect, you have verified that you opened the message. That informs the spammers that they have a good e-mail address, which — you guessed it — results in them sending you even more spam. Delete spam without opening it. Therefore, don’t use your e-mail program’s preview pane. Previewing spam is the same as viewing it.

Therefore, leave your spam messages untouched. Just delete it.

100 Miles Per Gallon have several plugin hybrids or PHEVs cars that have mileages at over 100 miles per gallon. The main difference between a hybrid and PHEV car is the extra batteries that are charged overnight from a regular electrical house outlet. The extra battery boost runs the car for the first 10-20 miles. After that, it reverts back to a regular hybrid. Theoretically, if driven regularly at short distances, the mileage could possibly be greater than 100mpg.

A Cause Not Worth Pursuing

A couple of days ago, I tackled a project to clean up the WordPress wp_options table. A bold move on my part would you say. I downloaded the wp_options tables using PhpMyAdmin to view the wp_option table entries. It’s a mess like I suspected. There are over 1000 entries. The default wp_options table for WordPress 2.1 only comes with 70+ entries. Why so many entries you may ask? Well, I guess it makes sense after running WordPress close to three years and installing more than three dozens plugins and hacks. So, I went through the entries line-by-line to determine which one I can delete. I was able to identify several entries of plugins that I no longer use. I can delete those entries. But, the rest? I have no idea what they are for, which means I can’t touch them without possibly crippling WordPress. Restoring the wp_options tables is easy as long as you have proper backup. In the end, I decided it’s a cause not worth pursuing. Leave it the way it is. A spaghetti mess. It reminds me of the old adage, “don’t fix it, if it’s not broken.”

About Performance

Have you ever practiced flawlessly before a musical performance only to screw up at the performance. Well, that happened to me. I was playing Passapeid by Claude Debussy last Saturday and I had a couple of practice runs that were just flawless. The notes were all there and timing was just perfect. I was feeling good — then came the performance. I really don’t know what happened. I played one note a bit too long. I had to stop. I missed two measures. It’s a good thing, there was a break after that. It was just lack of concentration on my part. Well, I played it off as if nothing happened. I talked to several people afterwards, and no one even noticed. If they only knew.

Black-Letterhead 1.3

Black-Letterhead 1.3 is now available for download. The latest version comes Widget ready just like the previous version. Version 1.3 uses the WordPress Tooklit Theme allowing authors to create Admin Menus for customizing their themes. The latest features include the ability to:

  1. Select sidebar location: left or right.
  2. Select between two page widths: narrow and wide.
  3. Select whether to use header images or no header images.
  4. Ability to support rotating or random headers.
  5. Ability to modify theme colors such as main text, links and titles.

All these features are available from the Theme’s Configuration Panel. Give it a try. Download the latest from here.