Super Glue Fixes Everything

Super Glue can fix anything, even a pair of prescription glasses. I bought a pair of glasses in the Philippines about three weeks ago. I was able to get a decent pair of glasses which included an eye examination, a stylish frame and a couple of scratch-resistant and ultra-violet adjusting lenses for roughly $80 US dollars. Not bad. Unfortunately, on my way back to the States, I sat on my glasses at the airport causing the hinge of the frame to break off. In the process, I lost the little tiny screw and a little piece of metal close to the hinge broke off from the frame.

So, I borrowed scotch tape from an airport vendor to keep the frame together for the remainder of the trip. I’m impressed, the tape job survived the 12 hour trans-Pacific trip. When I arrived home, I put Super Glue to keep the frame together. The joint is now as solid like the rest of the frame, but sadly the hinge no longer works. It’s really no big deal. The glasses work and it looks new just like before. There’s nothing the Super Glue can’t fix.