iPod Arrived

As I expected, my new iPod arrived today. I opened up the package and found a spanking new iPod with custom engraving on the back of the unit. Very nice. The 30gb white iPod came in an attractive little black box designed like a CD case. It came equipped with a regular white headset and a USB cable for charging and synching. The only thing not provided by Apple is an AC wall charger. Instead, you’ll need a computer with an USB port to charge the unit. Sucks. If you want a wall plug adapter, you need to shell out an additional $29 bucks. Other than that, I’m happy with it. I can’t wait to listen to some tunes.

New iPod

I ordered a new iPod from Apple’s website last Thursday, October 26th. It’s the 30GB white model capable of playing videos and movies. I could have ordered a black unit but I figured scratches would show up more on the black iPod. Another reason to order online is you can get free engraving on the back of the iPod if you order from Apple’s website.

What’s really interesting is tracking the iPod from the time it left the Shanghai factory until it reached my home. Apple gave me a tracking number so I can check the status of the shipment. In this case, my iPod left Shanghai on Friday, Oct 27th. It made a couple of stops in Anchorage, Alaska and Indianapolis, Indiana before showing up in Oakland late Saturday, Oct. 28th. Fedex is closed on Sunday, so I have to wait until Monday before delivery. Getting excited!

WordPress 2.0.5

WordPress just released version 2.0.5 which includes several security fixes. I have several WordPress instances on my Dreamhost account. I installed each WordPress instance using Dreamhost’s one-click installs. It will be interesting to see when will Dreamhost come knocking on my door to upgrade the software. Will the upgrade to version 2.0.5 be painless as they have promised? It would be interesting to see how it turns out. Stay tuned for a follow up.

Super Glue Fixes Everything

Super Glue can fix anything, even a pair of prescription glasses. I bought a pair of glasses in the Philippines about three weeks ago. I was able to get a decent pair of glasses which included an eye examination, a stylish frame and a couple of scratch-resistant and ultra-violet adjusting lenses for roughly $80 US dollars. Not bad. Unfortunately, on my way back to the States, I sat on my glasses at the airport causing the hinge of the frame to break off. In the process, I lost the little tiny screw and a little piece of metal close to the hinge broke off from the frame.

So, I borrowed scotch tape from an airport vendor to keep the frame together for the remainder of the trip. I’m impressed, the tape job survived the 12 hour trans-Pacific trip. When I arrived home, I put Super Glue to keep the frame together. The joint is now as solid like the rest of the frame, but sadly the hinge no longer works. It’s really no big deal. The glasses work and it looks new just like before. There’s nothing the Super Glue can’t fix.

Fedora Core 6

Redhat will release Fedora Core 6 today. The Fedora website is being hammered or maybe just being updated prior to its release at 2pm today. One of the early reviews of Fedora Core 6 was written by Michael Larabel at phoronix.com while Fedora News has this press release today. If you have been trying to manually update your Linux system through yum, then good luck. It hasn’t worked for me the whole day. The Fedora servers and the bandwidth are getting killed due to the release of Fedora Core 6. Pick another day to update your system.

WordPress MU

I run multiple WordPress blogs. I’m currently looking into consolidating all of them using the newly released WordPress MU which allows you to run and host thousands of WordPress blogs with just one installation. I’ll run a pilot program to see if this is a doable project. Stay tuned.

Happy Birthday, iPod!

The Apple iPod turned five today. Over 60 million iPods units have been sold since then. Apple shares have gone nine-fold from $9 per share to roughly $80 today. Its annual sales have more than tripled in five years to nearly $14 billion, and last fiscal year it posted a nearly $2 billion profit. Everyone seems to have an iPod. One out of 100 people in the world owns one. Not bad for a pricey unit if you think about it. Will it continue its rise? I’m not sure. It would be hard to repeat or match the 5 year trend. iPod sales will probably stay steady over the next couple of years. But, then again, anything is possible. What a success story!

Snakes on the Plane

I finally saw “Snakes on the Plane” on a pirated CD. The movie quality is so bad, it makes an old VHS tape look good. Well, at least you don’t have people jumping in front of hidden camera from an old VHS tape. Now about the movie, it is as funny as the pirated CD. There was so much hype about this movie in the internet, that it had nowhere to go but down. No wonder it flopped in the box office after the first week. “Snakes on Crack” deserves to be seen on a pirated CD. It adds humor to an already bad movie.