It’s not blogging!

I turned on the TV on late night and the Ellen Degeneres Show was on. She had a special about blogging and computers, so it perked my interest. I tuned in longer than usual. She had one of her crew start a blog for her. The guy pulls up a Mac and and I saw him start Microsoft Word because I recognized the Microsoft Word logo. He types away while Ellen dictates a few sentences. He saves it and that’s it. Article posted? Sorry to burst Ellen’s bubble, but this is not blogging! To her credit, she does have a blog as advertised at It’s powered by Movable Type 3.2. I just thought it was very interesting.

Apple Movies

Apple announced today the long awaited movie service from its iTunes Music Store. If you have iTunes, you will see a message soon to upgrade your iTunes to version 7. The downloaded movies will have near-DVD resolution of 640×480. 75 movies are available now for download from Disney, Pixar, Touchtone and Miramax. Movies will be priced from $13 to $15 dollar range compared to music videos and television shows that are priced at $2 dollars.

Apple also announced iTV, a compact gadget device that connects to your television that will be available sometime next year for $299. The gadget allows downloaded movies and movies in your computer to be played on your television set. Don’t expect to see HDTV resolution when playing back movies in your Plasma or LCD TVs, since the downloaded movies have only near-DVD resolutions.

This is good news for the movie industry who have lost money to piracy. I still think the price point for these movies are a bit high. I would gladly pay $5 to $10 dollar range for a good quality movie rather than getting a pirated one. Time will tell if the public will embrace the current price. Ultimately, its the market that will dictate the price. It all goes down to demand and supply. There’s plenty of supply which is only a download away. Will there be demand? We will see.