WP-Cache 2.0 Fix

I found a very nice WordPress plugin called WP-Cache 2.0 coded by Ricardo Galli. It caches WordPress pages, therefore increasing page load times. I happen to have Fasterfox Page Load Timer installed on my Firefox browser and I noticed the pages load much faster now anywhere from .300 to .900 seconds. Prior to the cache, I was averaging 2-3 seconds for a WordPress page to load. Unfortunately, the plugin has a conflict with PHP5 displaying the annoying blank page. The good news is Bloggingblog.net has the fix!

Lightbox JS CSS Validation Fix

A couple of days ago, I searched Google to find a fix for the CSS validation errors with the Lightbox JS v2 package. Good news and bad news. I found a website with the fix and the new code validated without any errors. The bad news is I lost the link and I can’t give credit where credit is due. If you have the link, please forward to me.

You can download the lightbox.css fix here. Enjoy.