Spain Out

Well, the Spaniards are out of the World Cup once again. What a disappointment! They crashed out this time to the French by a score of 3-1 despite scoring the first goal. Zinedine Zidane scored the third French goal and will get to play at least one more game. Unfortunately, Zidane and his comrades will play the Brazilians next who trashed Ghana earlier with a score of 3-0. Brazil is favored to win it all. More controversial calls or non-calls by the referees. The second goal scored by Adriano of Brazil was offside. The replays clearly shows the infraction. Ghana didn’t play too bad, but just not good enough to beat Brazil.


I just temporarily switched to the Hemingway theme. I say temporarily because I change themes at least once a month. I modified the Hemingway theme by using the colors of the Black-Letterhead theme. It turned out pretty good. I’ve always liked the layout of the Hemingway theme, but I’m not too crazy about the color scheme. So, here it is the Hemingway theme, but with the Black-Letterhead colors. Download the CSS and apply it to your Hemingway theme. Enjoy.

Wireless N

At first, there’s 802.11a, then came 802.11b at 11Mbps, followed by 802.11g at 54Mbps, and now there’s 802.11n also called as Wireless N. The latest standard 802.11n overlays several radio signals to arrive at 12 times the speed of 802.11g. Wireless N increases the network range and reduces dead spots common to older standards. Most Wireless N access points in the market are download compatible with G and B wireless devices.


A couple of years ago, it was Poker. Now, it’s dominoes. What’s next? Darts. Poker has taken off and is a daily fixture on ESPN2. I recently saw a dominoes tournament being televised on TV. Now, that’s exciting. I would love to see the game Connect 4 being televised on TV in the future. Wouldn’t that be something.

Gates Leaving Microsoft

Billionaire Bill Gates will leave Microsoft in two years. Well, why can’t it be a moment too soon. Two more years of hype, hoopla and market analysis. I think it’s about time. Microsoft needs innovation badly. Much of its revenue comes from its core products, the Operating System and its Office Productivity products. Other ventures have struggled. In short, Microsoft has failed to innovate or transform itself compared to the likes of Google, Yahoo and Apple. In the meantime, Google and Yahoo have taken advantage of the latest technologies and have been rewarded well in the market. Microsoft is not by no means folding. It’s still a very, very profitable company. It would be interesting to see where Microsoft is headed when Bill Gates leaves the company for good. By the way, he will still have a sizeable chunk of Microsoft shares.

2,200 TaxIDs Exposed

Another reason not to surf for porn at work. A Department of Revenue worker in Oregon unknowingly transmitted 2,200 Social Security numbers, names and addresses to an unknown hacker while surfing for porn at work. Upon audit, the worker’s PC was determined to have been infected with a keylogging Trojan horse virus since January, but the virus did not activate until May 15 when thousands of taxpayer’s data was transmitted to an unknown hacker. As expected, the worker was fired. The Department of Revenue began notifying taxpayers that whose personal data was compromised. Oops. Another lesson learned. Stay off the smut especially at work.