Widgets are pretty amazing. I witnessed what widgets can do while poking around with several themes at WordPress.com. I was pretty amazed how users can drag and drop elements into the sidebar area. The usual sidebar suspects such as Pages, Links, Calendar, Categories, Archives, Recent Comments, Search and Meta were available along with Text and RSS feeds. With Text, you can drag and drop a text box in the sidebar panel which is similar in function to the About text you see in several WordPress themes. The RSS widget allows you to syndicate news in your sidebar such as CNN, BBC and Yahoo News for example. You can specify how many Text and RSS widgets you want added by simply selecting from a dropdown menu.

My first reaction was, “How did they do that? How did they move around elemets like that into the sidebar?” I was really hoping the WordPress development team would eventually release the latest and greatest widgets functionality to WordPress community. Well, my wish has come true. I think it’s incredible what Javascript, XML and AJAX can do to make WordPress the most elegant and the most simple blogging software ever in the planet. I’m not kidding. I tried several blogs, but I feel in love with WordPress from the beginning and now with widgets, it’s like the honeymoon never ended. What else can I say.

I think the possibilities are endless. I can’t wait what developers can come up with, now that the widget functionality is available to the general public. At the moment, widgets that are specific to the sidebar content and changing color schemes. By the way, if you haven’t seen it, check out how you can change the color of the Kubrick header. Pretty amazing. I think the possibilities are endless. There will be more hooks to such things like weather, traffic and netflix for example. As a surfer, I would love to see a Surf Report widget where you enter your local surf break and walah, you have the surf report at your disposal.