Black-Letterhead 1.2

Black-Letterhead theme version 1.2 is now available. This is the latest version which works with the latest and greatest WordPress Widgets. With widgets, you can now move content in and out of the sidebar area by simply dragging and dropping widget elements. How cool is that? Well, if you’re interested in downloading the latest version of the theme, just visit the Black-Letterhead pages. Here’s the download page.

To learn more about widgets, here are several links for your reading pleasure.
Lorelle on WordPress

5 thoughts on “Black-Letterhead 1.2

  1. Blackletterhead’s sidebar is widget friendly, so one of the projects on my board it to widgetize the many diverse AJAX plugins and hacks that I now have installed on my modified Blackletterhead theme. It’s going to be a while before I get to it, though.

  2. Thomas, Widgetize? I think you just created a new word. I’m looking forward to seeing the Ajax plugins as widgets. That would be cool. I had the Ajax Calendar up on my sidebar for several days, but when I turned on the widgets, I had to part with it. Let me know if you can get it to work. I would like to see it back on my sidebar.

  3. I don’t have a lot of time for this. I’m very interested in trying to hack out that sidebar left right thing. I’m just assuming that came as a widget, I don’t even have any time to actually look anymore. I got the widgets running right off on Blackletterhead, but then I realized I had to give up all my AJAX widgets.

    BTW : Blackletterhead has to be the most AJAX and user friendly theme ever created. Perhaps we should get together and create a fully Ajaxified version of it. I didn’t make that word up. One problem I’m having is that with all the mods I’ve make, the code needs a lot of cleaning up and beautifying, another thing I don’t have a lot of time for.

    Anyways, thanks again for the great theme, I’ll try to keep in touch.

  4. Thomas, actually the left-right thing was using alternate style sheets. The links were just plain HTML links. There’s a javascript that switches between stylesheets. Sorry, it’s not Ajax. Not yet anyway. Ajax is a little over my head at the moment.

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