Akismet Saves

The worst thing that could happen to you if you own your own blog is having comment spam. When I first started blogging a couple of years ago, I was rudely introduced to comment spam. I had over 150 junk messages from poker, casinos, sex, porn, drugs and just about anything in this planet. Thanks to how Google rank websites. The more links you have, the higher the ranking. So, I spent a couple of hours deleting the spam comments.

The spam comments war had started. First, I tried blocking several IPs that were targeting me, but that was too much work and there were just too many of them. It was like catching a swarm of locusts. Then I started using Captcha, but people hated using it. I hated using it. At times, it was hard to figure out the distorted text. Then came Akismet when WordPress 2.0 was introduced. Akismet has saved my hide hundreds of times. I have two blogs, this one you are currently reading and my Black-Letterhead theme. Here’s my spam comment stats so far:

http://ulyssesonline.com – 19 spam comments
http://ulyssesonline.com/blackletterhead – 165 spam comments

Akismet catches the comment spam and places them in the database for 15 days. You have 15 days to determine if the comment was incorrectly identified as comment spam or not. You can report a “false positive” to Akismet if the comment is legitimate. It has never happened to me yet. After 15 days, Akismet automatically deletes it.

So once again, thanks Akismet! Spam comments seems to be on the rise again. Akismet has saved my hide again. By the way, I really love the sound of Akismet. With enough creativeness, you can jumble the syllables and literally tell spam comments to KissmetAss goodbye.

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  1. An alternative to Akismet you may want to check out is sxore. Instead of analyzing the content of comments to prevent spam it provides identity for comments. It allows commenters to personalize their comments with icons, and also gives commenters a follow feed that they can use to track comment threads that they have posted on. For blog owners it has whitelists and blacklists that help you reduce your moderation workload. You can download the plugin by entering your blog url into the “Get Started” box at sxore.com. Please email me if you have questions. Nice work with Black-Letterhead.

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