WordPress 2.0 Released

I just noticed WordPress 2.0 was released to the public a couple days ago. I saw the post in the Weblog Tools Collection blog. I am a little surprised there is no entry in the WordPress Development Blog since every WordPress blogger reads the development blogs in their Admin Dashboard. I personally feel, there should be an announcement there. Well, it looks like there is one now.

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We were stuck behind a solid traffic jam on our way up to Tahoe this weekend. With our trusted GPS system in the car, we avoided the mess by exiting and taking the service road hugging I-80. Fifteen minutes later, we doubled back to the freeway and saw a free flowing interstate. The GPS saved us at least an hour. It comes very handy.


WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol, a wireless communication protocol used by mobile phones or PDAs to access the internet. WAP is used in applications such as viewing email, stock prices, sports scores, etc. WAP essentially strips a website of its graphics and renders content to a wireless device with limited screensize and bandwidth such as a mobile phone or PDA.

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Yahoo Has WordPress

Yahoo will now be offering WordPress in their Small Business web hosting solution. The one-click WordPress 2.0 installation will include themes and plugins like Flickr integration and blog update notification. It also includes submission to the Yahoo RSS database. Upgrades of WordPress are done automatically meaning zero maintenance for bloggers. Very cool indeed!

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Christmast Break is supposed to be a boon for Hollywood. More people watch movies over the Christmast Break than any time of the year. If you look at this year’s lineup, you’ll be surprised at the lack of quality movies that are available. We have nothing but chick flicks and kid flicks except for a couple of exceptions.

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