Hello from Iloilo

Hi guys, I finally have the opportunity to post an entry in my blog after a couple of weeks staying in Iloilo and Bacolod. It has been an enjoyable experience being with friends and family. I had already had the opportunity to go to Boracay, the paradise island that it is, as well as experience Masskara in Bacolod. Another two weeks more to go.

Details, details, details. I wish I could write more details, but there’s just too many things to write about. Maybe, when I come back I could really put on my thinking cap and let the creative juices going. In the meantime, just trust me. I’m enjoying my stay in this part of the country as always.

Google to Unwire the City

Google has placed a bid to provide a free wireless service to all of San Francisco. This is a response to a request by Mayor Gavin Newsome, who is looking for a company to provide a free wireless network to all of San Francisco.

If the project is approved, San Francisco will be one of many cities in the United States with a citywide free wi-fi service. San Francisco is already a haven for free wi-fi service according to bayareafreefi.com who enlists 440 locations throughout the city.

This project will threathen SBC, Comcast and T-Mobile who depend on offering high service connections to its customers. T-Mobile provides a paid wi-fi service for Starbucks locations throughout the United States.

I think it’s great. No more war-driving. No more hanging out at Starbucks with your clothes smelling like coffee after hanging around for three hours. No more obligatory coffee if you stay more than three hours.

Carrying a laptop to city is now a must. If you ever feel like checking your email or checking out a restaurant or a movie, just find a bench, pull out a the old laptop and on the way you go.

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