Biggest Complaint Against Nano

If you have been to any iPod Nano Forum lately, you probably have noticed a growing complaint against the Nano, a screen that scratches easily. I’m not sure if Apple will do anything. Maybe, a total recall. I wish. If they do, I would like to include my iPod Photo. The screen of the iPod Photo gets easily scratched as well.

In fact, this is my second iPod Photo. The first unit I received was replaced. I returned it to an Apple store in Palo Alto since it was scratched by an Apple employee while putting on a case protector that I bought from the store. Since then, I have gotten several scratches on my iPod Photo. I don’t recall dropping or scratching the unit. The fact is iPod units scratch easily.

Scratches are especially annoying to iPods with Photos that need to display images on the screen. Any scratch will only distort the images on the screen. I think the iPod as a whole is a delicate product. Even the metal casing scratches easily. Is there a reason why this guy holds the Nano like this? Hmmm.

Follow up: Apple recently announced it will repair the broken screens for free!

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  1. Lots of of bloggers are not very happy with this new iPad.There was too much hype about it and alot people got turned off.Thing is, I for one see great deal of the awesome potential of the gadget. Third-party apps for doing music, games, newsprints and magazine and FFS books, tons of awesome stuff, but IMHO they just didn’t really sell it properly (aside from the books). It smells rather undercooked

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