Treo 600

I just recently purchased a Treo 600 from Ebay. It’s not exactly the latest and the greatest phone or PDA, but it meets my needs at the moment. The latest Treo from PalmOne is the Treo 650, but I’m quite happy with my slightly outdated Treo 600. I bought it because I needed a PDA and a phone with quad band capability when traveling overseas.

You will chuckle if I told you that my old Palm was the Palm V, a monochrome relic of the past. My old Nokia phone is 6300, but it will not work overseas despite having SIM capability. I’m quite happy with the Treo 600 so far.

The camera sucks, but I don’t really care about the camera function. That’s why I carry a digital camera. But, having both PDA and phone on one device is a definite plus. It’s one less thing to carry. The reception has been good although it has been a subject of many complaints by some.

Otherwise, a very solid product from Palm. I’m quite happy with it.

New WordPress Theme

Tada! Check out the new WordPress Theme I just created from scratch called Cleansheet for lack of a better name. I wanted to create a theme with enough flexibility with a width greater than 650px.

The default WordPress theme I had been using in the past had a 650px width container. In the new theme, I can easily remove the right bar and expand the width all the way to the end of the screen to allow any existing webpages such as Gallery or any otherprogram to fit within the theme.

You can view the new theme by clicking here.

If you didn’t see a dramatic change in the layout, you are most likely looking at the Cleansheet theme.


Is this gouging or just good business practice? Crude oil prices this year went up 40% to $65 a barrel while gasoline prices at the pump have doubled (100%) at around $3.00 per gallon.

So, who’s making all the money you may ask?

Well, don’t get mad at the gas station owner because his profit margin is too small.

Take a look at the oil industry profits last year. Exxon Mobil pulled in $25 billion dollars, BP at $17 billion, Chevron at $13 billion, Royal Dutch (Shell) at $11 billion, and the list goes on.

Again, this is profit. Well, you know how the saying goes, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” Maybe, it’s time to start looking at investment opportunities in the oil and gas industry.

Biggest Complaint Against Nano

If you have been to any iPod Nano Forum lately, you probably have noticed a growing complaint against the Nano, a screen that scratches easily. I’m not sure if Apple will do anything. Maybe, a total recall. I wish. If they do, I would like to include my iPod Photo. The screen of the iPod Photo gets easily scratched as well.

In fact, this is my second iPod Photo. The first unit I received was replaced. I returned it to an Apple store in Palo Alto since it was scratched by an Apple employee while putting on a case protector that I bought from the store. Since then, I have gotten several scratches on my iPod Photo. I don’t recall dropping or scratching the unit. The fact is iPod units scratch easily.

Scratches are especially annoying to iPods with Photos that need to display images on the screen. Any scratch will only distort the images on the screen. I think the iPod as a whole is a delicate product. Even the metal casing scratches easily. Is there a reason why this guy holds the Nano like this? Hmmm.

Follow up: Apple recently announced it will repair the broken screens for free!

In the Eye of the Storm

When I was kid living in the Philippines, I experienced being in the eye of a hurricane or typhoon as they are called in Asia. A typhoon passed over in the town where we lived. In the eye, it was calm and it looked like a normal day, even the the sun came out, but there were dark clouds all around us, the eyewall of the typhoon.

In less than an hour, the winds picked up again as we rode out the back side of the typhoon. After the typhoon passed, I remembered seeing downed trees and missing roofs – all I can remember at the time.

After the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the nation is watching Hurricane Rita with much more interest from all levels of government and the people who are taking this hurricane much more seriously.

Rita’s response will be much different from Katrina due to lessons learned improving evacuation and emergency responses. Going forward, the nation has learned its lesson and will respond to disasters much more effectively than in the past.

Firefox Updates

Firefox 1.0.7 is out. The latest version fixes two security breaches reported last week. Unfortunately, there’s no automated updates feature yet, not until version 1.5 is out later this year. So, this means removing and re-installing a new version of Firefox.

I blinked and now Firefox was just released! This mean removing and uninstalling one more time! I’m just going to keep on doing this until version 1.5 will be out.


I went to the city (San Francisco) last night to have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. On my way to the restaurant which was located on the top floor of Macys in Union Square, I was greeted by a man at the door who nice enough to hold the door open for me and my friends. Of course, I knew he wanted some spare change. I ignored him and kept walking. Don’t get me wrong. I believe in giving to the poor, but I just don’t like giving to those who peddle a service such as holding the door, cleaning your windshield, or offering a towel in a bathroom. The last one is a pet peeve of mine.


How would you like to see this show up at your doorstep? My mom won a Xbox game console at a company party last night. Obviously, she has no clue what it was. So I said, “Give it to me! I’ll put it to good use!” The console came with a game called “Pirates” since that was the theme of the party.

Pirates is a role-playing game. You start the story as a little boy. Pirates storm in and take your family and fortune. You managed to escape, but your family does not. Several years later as a grown man, you find yourself riding the seas of the Carrebean searching and wondering what has become of your family. You gather clues from people you meet. You pillage and plunder for wealth that was rightfully yours.

The game is entertaining. The fencing scrimmages are fun, but seem to lack the moves I’m used to in Mortal Kombat. The graphics are adequate, but not cutting edge. It takes a while to get used to a controller with force feedback. It tends to send me in panic mode when I feel vibrations. I can’t wait to get some cheap games for this console when I go overseas.

XBox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360 is coming to a store near you. Well, you’ll have to wait until Thanksgiving. It comes in two flavors: a base model for $299 and a souped-up version with a 20GB hard drive and wireless controllers for $399. Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Revolution are expected to be released next spring, but Microsoft has beaten both to the punch. Sony is still the market leader, but it will be interesting how Microsoft fairs by getting out of the blocks first.