Linux Browsers

I just searched Google and was amazed by the number of browsers available for Linux. There are at least a couple of dozen browsers actively in development. The most popular browsers are Mozilla’s Firefox, Konqueror, Galeon and Opera. Firefox and Opera have Windows versions available for download. They are free. Gratis!

My personal favorite is Lynx, a text based browser with absolutely no images. It just a little harder to navigate and read sometimes, but at least worth a try. I even tried reading my Yahoo mail. It works. The only downside is getting asked several times if downloading a cookie is ok. I opted for “always” and it seemed to do the trick.

Yahoo is probably the worst website for Lynx since it contains hundreds of links. Hey, I got a little rhyme going there. But, I had to admit, WordPress websites are by far the cleanest to view with Lynx. Try viewing this website compared to Yahoo, and you get what I mean. You don’t need a Linux machine to try Lynx. There are four versions that are available for Windows.