The Bleeding Edge

Well, after a couple of hours fighting Gallery, I managed to get it back online yesterday. I upgraded Gallery several weeks ago, but I didn’t bother checking how it looked like on Internet Explorer. The menu border was missing and the fonts were out of whack. How can Gallery looks so good in Firefox and be horrible in IE? Are the two browsers really that far apart? Something’s wrong. I checked the CSS file to see if it needed tweaking. No luck there. It dawned on me. It was the Gallery upgrade several weeks ago.

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Linux Browsers

I just searched Google and was amazed by the number of browsers available for Linux. There are at least a couple of dozen browsers actively in development. The most popular browsers are Mozilla’s Firefox, Konqueror, Galeon and Opera. Firefox and Opera have Windows versions available for download. They are free. Gratis!

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I’ve learned something new today, Sudo. Sudo is a Unix command that allows system administrators to give certain users the ability to run some or all commands as root. Why? Well, I have this program called Bluefish which I use as a HTML editor. I have to run Bluefish as root to modify my webroot directory. I could have ran Bluefish as a regular user, but I didn’t want to use my home directory to shuttle back and forth the modified web pages.

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CSS Gallery

I have been playing around with a picture gallery powered entirely by CSS. I got the idea from a website called CSS Play. CSS never ceases to amaze me. If you really want to see what CSS can accomplish, go to Zen Garden and be awed by the CSS designs. There are currently 734 designs and counting all using the same HTML source, but each design using different CSS files. Simply amazing!