Removing an old kernel

I’ve never done it before. I just successfully removed an old kernel from my Fedora 3 system. Fedora has a feature that automatically updates your system. Old kernels are never removed for good reason. After a while, kernels accumulate and are left to rot on your system. At boot up, your system will start to resemble like a Starbucks menu board. All you need is one kernel, presumably the latest one. Here’s the list of commands I used to remove a kernel.


  • Don’t remove the kernel you’re using.
  • Don’t remove kernel-utils.

List of kernels on your system:

  • rpm -qa | grep kernel

Validate which kernel you are using:

  • uname -r

Remove a kernel.

  • rpm -e kernel-2.6.10-1.770_FC3 (Example)
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