Mounting NTFS

Mounting a portable USB 80GB hard drive on my Fedora Core 3 box was relatively easy. By default, Fedora leaves out the NTFS support due to legal issues. I used YUM to install NTFS support. No issues whatsoever with the installation. Unfortunately, NTFS support is READ-ONLY. I tried mounting the drive automatically via fstab, but I ran into permissions issues. It works manually for now.

The commands:
mount/dev/sda1 /media/Portable_HD -t ntfs, -r -o umask=0222
/dev/sda1 /media/Portable_HD ntfs umask=0222,ro 0 0 (fstab)

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Removing an old kernel

I’ve never done it before. I just successfully removed an old kernel from my Fedora 3 system. Fedora has a feature that automatically updates your system. Old kernels are never removed for good reason. After a while, kernels accumulate and are left to rot on your system. At boot up, your system will start to resemble like a Starbucks menu board. All you need is one kernel, presumably the latest one. Here’s the list of commands I used to remove a kernel.

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Boeing Wi-Fi Service

Boeing will offer in-flight wi-fi service to upcoming planes. Read the article here. It’s still disappointing to hear that no US airline has signed up to purchase Boeing’s latest planes. Apparently, wireless service is already available in foreign carriers. Boeing’s in-flight service is called Connexion. It will cost $30 for international flights, $20 for domestic flights for less than 6 hours or $10 for one hour. The service uses a two-way satellite to link to a network of stations on the ground. Maximum throughput is 20 mb per second which translates to about 150-200 kb per user.

Uptime 179 Days

I just logged in to check on my neglected linux box. I am delighted to know the system has been running for 179 days. A power failure caused the last downtime. In reality, it has been over a year since I rebooted my system. Of course, I checked the logs for intrusions. I was glad to know the box is relatively secure. The system is running on Mandrake 10.0 Linux distribution on 2.6.3 kernel.

Optical Illusion

Look at the Picture #1. Are Squares A and B the same color? It doesn’t look like it, but apparently they are exactly the same. Your eyes are telling you they’re not, but in reality, they are the same color. You want proof? Take a look at Picture #2, it shows two vertical strips of gray which turns out to be same color and shade as Squares A and B. Funky! Here’s the explanation. I’ve read it twice and I’m still scratching my head. It makes sense now. At first, I thought the checkerboard would be all of the same color, but after further investigation, it reveals 3 shades of gray.

Apple iPod

When the iPod was invented, it was designed to play music. Then came podcasting. So, what’s next with the the world’s most popular music player? Music videos? Rumors are swirling that Apple is looking into releasing a new iPod capable of playing music videos. Well, well, well. Wouldn’t that be nice. We’ll just have to wait.

Man Arrested for Stealing Wi-Fi Signal

Benjamin Smith III of St. Petersburg, Florida has been arrested for stealing Richard Dinon’s wireless signal. Dinon saw Smith sitting in his SUV outside his house with his laptop open. The arrest is a new criminal case involving a fairly common practice called wardriving. Wardriving is common in areas where there is a large concentration of wireless signals. It’s not clear what Smith was doing on Dinon’s network. Checking his email? Was there any criminal activity involved? There are not enough details at the moment. This arrest is one of the first criminal cases in the United States involving stealing wireless signals.

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July 4th Fireworks

This is not your typical July 4th fireworks. A neighbor’s car mysteriously goes on fire prompting firefighters to extinguised the flame. Just prior to the firefighters arrival, a neighbor prevented the flame from spreading by using a waterhose. Firefighters couldn’t pinpoint the cause of the fire. I assuming one of three things: someone threw fireworks into the car, the owner set the his car on fire, or it was an electrical fire. You can view the pics my brother took. Here are the same pics using postcardviewer.

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Wireless Networks

While sipping coffee at a local Starbucks, customers armed with laptops can browse the internet or work remotely. It’s all made possible because of wireless networks. Wireless networks uses radio, an old technology that has been around for more than 100 years. Computer packets called TCP/IP are passed between an access point (transmitter) to a client (receiver) and vice versa using radio waves. Radio technology is used in many wireless devices such as remote controls, garage openers, walkie talkies, cellphones, radars, shortwave and AM/FM radios, albeit they all use different radio frequencies.

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